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but you. claim. this is d w news live from her lead turkey's president suffers a low in local election as the opposition celebrates as it gains control of the capital ankara the commercial capital just stumbled looks set to follow and what does it mean for president ever to want and for the future of the country. also coming up she could have faced death by hanging down the vietnamese woman accused of killing the north korean leader's half brother winds of early release we'll have all the details on a bizarre case in malaysia and no laughing matter comedian volodin here's
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a lengthy wins the first round of voting and ukraine's presidential election is coming well ahead of the incumbent president petro poroshenko plus. a look at the. disaster for artist charlotte clare he loses engine power in the closing laps a lot of talent to win his first race of the season at the bahrain grand prix. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program it's being called a stunning setback for turkey's president right to want for the first time in eighteen years has a party has lost control of the capital ankara in local elections in an even greater blow air to one's main rivals the secularist c h. the party are also
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claiming victory in the country's economic hub istanbul elections are being seen as a test of air to one's leadership many voters say that they are unhappy with the way that he is handling the country's economic downturn. so and this is what people on the streets feel about the outcome of the poll. deserve this result i mean a.k.p. supporter but they tricked people so they deserve this. i wasn't expecting this i was expecting the a.t.p. to win by a landslide but that race was neck and neck. and cans of issue on the beach i think because of the current economic situation people were has attended in for a k.p. . that's why the results were like this party but the a.k.p. is still in power they did not lose completely. and the main opposition candidate for istanbul. has meanwhile declared victory and the city he thanked is some bills
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voters in his speech and boom bust up from today on we're going from the city of a transparent fashion at all times and i would say this gladly because i know that every part of the city belongs to sixteen million people. and earlier i asked our correspondent you leon in istanbul how damaging these election results are for heir to one himself. well the city of course is enormously a port important for president al gore and he rose to power here in istanbul when he became mayor in the one nine hundred ninety s. and then you know later became prime minister and now he's the president so this is his hometown so to say his base where he rose to prominence he was compiling so hard in these elections actually as if there were in fact about himself and about mayors and local representatives see how the several compay in
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speeches a day and a many analysts now say this really is a strong setback a symbolic blow to him and his ruling party the analysts we talked to before the elections told us that if the opposition really manages to win this stumble and this is what the figures suggest right now then this would be a political earthquake for mr abu and for the president it would be a sign that he and his party are off for all not invincible. and that was you leon in istanbul let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world rescuers in nepal are working to reach villages in the south of the country cut off by a powerful storm officials say that at least twenty seven people were killed and hundreds more injured when rains and gale force winds tore down houses and flipped over cars and trucks. japan has announced the name of the era of the incoming
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emperor in our keep to the japanese word means pursuing harmony in english the name was kept secret ahead of today's announcement the current emperor is due to abdicate in a month it will be the first time the japanese emperor has stepped down into some sort of. british lawmakers are set to meet again on monday to seek a way forward on the country's rights that process that's after they rejected prime minister to raise the mayor's proposed regs and feel for the third time on friday may is facing major pressure from rival factions to leave without a deal call an election or accept a monk's much softer divorce. the hustle has been shot and killed outside of his own clothing store in los angeles the grammy nominated artist was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital for two others were injured a former gang member hustle later became a community organizer and enjoyed a wide respect and so you know. now the vietnamese woman
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accused of murdering behalf rather of north korean leader kim jong un has pled guilty to the lesser charge of causing harm a malaysian judge sentenced don't take long to three years and four months in a prison over the killing a sentence will be back to her arrest back in february two thousand and seventeen meaning that she is due to be released in just a month kim jong nam died in two thousand and seventeen after being smeared with a nerve agent at kuala lumpur airport. hartig who is our southeast asia correspondent and he is joining us now from bangkok sebastian this is a very mild punishment for a woman who could have faced a death sentence what are we to make of this outcome. yes to say if she had been convicted of murder then she would have faced a death sentence but for that to happen the prosecutors would have had to show and provide evidence for intent to kill now they couldn't do that so that's one of the
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reasons why they entered this plea deal and you also have to take into consideration that the other suspect in this case the indonesian woman. she was released without conviction just a few weeks ago and at that time it was already unclear for observers and also for of course those involved in that trial why the indonesian woman and the suspect was it wasn't released at the same time considering that these two cases were virtually identical and she didn't understand it either at the at the time she broke down in tears in the courtroom and very different picture today she left the courtroom with a big smile and her dad was there as well and he said he was really happy happy to end her stepmother spoke out from indonesia and she said that she will be awaiting her step sister her step but daughter to come home presumably in may and then there will be a pig waiting for her so they're going to have a big party sarah and meantime i mean look at this case itself are investigators
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and further. along when it comes to finding out you know who ordered who was behind the attack on kim jong un's half brother. while the four main suspects in this case were four north korean men and they left malaysia directly after the attack and they were never seen again and it's very unlikely that we will ever see them again so i think also the malaysian government they're keen on getting this trial behind them and getting this whole this whole case behind them because it caused a serious disruption of course in relations between malaysia and north korea and those up to that day in february when kim term was killed. airport those relations were very good and it stands to reason that now with a malaysian government they want to they want to normalize those relations and get
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them back on track so it's very likely that this is going to be it with with this case and now we have that one conviction and the lawyers said she's taken responsibility for actions but she's not a criminal so. whenever she's released she will return home and that's most likely going to be it with this case sara. and heartache thank you boston. pope francis has held a mass for thousands of catholics on the final day of his trip to morocco the pontiff called for dialogue between christians and muslims and respect for rights of migrants morocco is a transit country for many african migrants trying to reach europe francis met some of those migrants and it's. the pope chose a simple setting to meet several dozen migrants in the offices of a catholic charity that provides aid and assistance to migrants the pope repeated a central theme of his visit to morocco. to us you are
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not the marginalized you are at the center of the church's heart francis condemned the treatment of millions of migrants and challenge the international community to do more to provide refuge saying no one should be indifferent to suffering. is another major theme was interfaith dialogue after francis was welcomed by king mohammed the sixth both leaders affirm the importance of jerusalem as the holy city of the three major monotheistic religions this comes amid rising tensions between muslims and israeli security forces. but the high point for the catholic faithful was the final mess in a stadium in robot the vatican says it was the biggest mass ever celebrated in morocco only about twenty three thousand catholics live in the country many themselves migrants. let's take a peak now at what could be the factories of the future the largest industrial
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technology fair in the world has opened in the german city of hanover much of the focus this year is on the new five g. telecom standard experts believe it will transform the world of work. look don't touch simple eye contact controls this machine is this hands off robotic arm the future of automation the latest technologies like this one here on display at the hanover trade fair technology is a very powerful and a.t.m. but only if you use them to the right purpose you know and the purpose for example in this example by cloying. visual control i control technology is to make life easier for the work actually. within a year or two five cheat acknowledge e is set to change the way manufacturing is done and hand over prototypes show how
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the faster flow of data improves production processes and makes factories more efficient. five hundred times faster. technology we have. we will use this in our production for at and also for quality systems that means we can get closer to real time data connection and real time intelligence systems five g. is on everyone's mind not only engineers but also politicians german chancellor angela merkel is against excluding companies like who away from infrastructure updates in the industry are often i don't think we should exclude anyone per se but we should rather make sure we set the right standards for our networks and make companies that here to them. be prudent machines working together in harmony reality might not look much like this performance but still robots are getting ever
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closer to the human coworkers. which t.v. cranes presidential elections where a t.v. comedy star seems to have won the first round with over seven. percent of ballots counted voting near selenski leads with a bit less than a third of the vote the forty one year old is the star of a popular comedy show and has never held political office the incumbent pressure poroshenko is landing second place in yesterday's election with sixteen percent of votes in his favor former prime minister yulia timoshenko is said to be knocked out of the running in third place the top two candidates advance to a runoff bomb due to be held in three weeks. so could you crave top politicians soon be a comic nicolas connelly joins us now from kiev so nick as we heard there around seventy percent of the votes have been counted cancel inskeep already been named as the winner of this round. could offer news there well i don't think there's much
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shots of that commanding lead as you said of a ten percent that selenski has in front of president but you're pushing because there's little chance of that being closed lots that was down to young people i'm here in front of the main building of kids university so let's getting very well amongst the under thirty's i think the interesting things to look for today will be for the battle for second place so all the polls consistently giving petro poroshenko the lead there but it's only a couple of percent and here in ukraine it's the top two candidates who go into the second round so there is counting going on the tymoshenko team says that they have regions regions where they do well haven't counted yet so essential there for more disputes and a narrowing of the polls but yesterday was all about selenski and that shock when i mean we journalists talk about political earthquakes too often but this really was this was someone who came from nowhere and who only announced his candidacy on new year's eve so let's take a look at how. he got to this place. full of the american selenski
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the comedian candidate joking at the ballot box asking if he can cast more than one vote for the camera. zelinsky comes to the candidacy by way of a hit t.v. show called servant of the people where he plays an outsider elevated to the presidency. so does playing a president on t.v. teach you how to do it and real life supporters and analysts have different views. he knows that i don't know if there is such a person as the protagonist in the series but i'd like to believe in that. what you is if you take over the landscape is new he is not part of the system he's against the system and there are demands for change in this country. you would feel selenski may not be entirely outside the system many say he's in the pocket of an
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oligarch who owns the t.v. channel selenski program appears on who opposes present president petro poroshenko people don't support the landscape they just want to shoulder at night it's a faceted. poroshenko is the president ukrainians have now the chocolate billionaire who rode his confectionery fortune to the presidency in the last election to many he represents everything that is wrong about ukraine now corruption and low living standards he made his name as a pro european anti russian candidate and he's sticking to it briefly we have passed the test for our european ways and it means everything we do to head in the european direction is absolutely right with an outsider comedienne all but poised to become president many ukrainians do not seem to believe he's playing games with the country's future. so let's talk
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a little bit more about that future nick because i mean what does the lenski is campaigning tell us about the current state of ukrainian politics so i think it's definitely abouts. despair and contempt deep disappointment among many about the state of ukrainian politics about the place your class that is being in charge here for the past decades a sense that ukraine hasn't lived up to its huge potential that the mind on revolution five years ago didn't change enough fast enough the economic situation is still very tough real living standards are lower than they were before the mud on the war lots of millions of ukraine's have left the country in search of work so there's definitely a desire to punish the current politicians and that political class zelinsky is very he is very unwilling to give too much detail about his plans he's trying to convince people that he's about a new generation coming to power shaking things up and breaking with the ways the
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past without giving too much detail that might royal people either way so it's more about a mood an atmosphere and trying to convince people that he will be the person to really change things and to allow specialists in their various different subjects to change things whereas he's just the outsider who doesn't have to be next but he doesn't have any political experience he's going to let these people change this country this country fundamentally and another point that he really campaigned on was he said that he wants to undo the russian term in ukrainian politics and he speaks russian himself we have to we have to know how much of a vis particular point didn't really play in his popularity and his campaign. i think it definitely does appeal to many voters he is russian speaking in his private life and he makes no secret of that i think at the moment it's more a cultural thing the political thing so he mixes ukrainian and russian languages
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during his campaign events he hasn't. taken from that that ukraine suddenly needs to go to make friends with to putin's russia indeed the kremlin had a candidate that they were almost indorsing who came to went to see prime minister russian prime minster which made a video of during the campaign and here you go about ten percent of the vote so the moment i think it's a cultural thing it's he's trying to take away from the divisiveness that has come from five years of conflict with russia but so far doesn't have a concrete political end game. connelly thank you. now in twenty seventeen kenya announced the world's toughest ban on single use plastic bags the government outlawed their import manufacture and use they were placed by another type of carrier bag that was meant to be re-used the idea was that this would reduce waste and protect the environment but as of today these bags
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non woven bags are also outlawed you don't use can you catherine on one throw explains this is nairobi river a symbol of kenya struggle to fight pollution in two thousand and seventeen the government banned single use plastic bags to reduce the amount of plastics in the environment they were replaced with. bags which are supposed to be reusable. but from the looks of this river bank it seems these bags do more harm than good there was a vacuum and they're not moving backi into the market but when they came into the market the way. that ancestor and was too high they were they had this but i think ness and they were large enough and they were costing. i don't do in thirty and fifty conditions so they were usable and at the time we were not worried about . the national environment management authority says that says the bad the market
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has been flooded with sub standard not woven poly proponent bags that can only be used once. and people have often thrown them away improperly the environment authorities felt forced to act the national environmental management authority has banned the importation and manufacture of these non woven bags and are now looking for alternatives that don't pose a threat to the environment. many kenyans support the latest bad things in life the new bags are just like other plastic bags they pollute the environment like darfur. some environmentalists feel that the government should not just pos regulations but also improve waste management from where i sit i think that parts you could do a little better in terms of planning and what we need to think about is long term management of this kind of material and how they are going to be
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disposed of. in the event that they're not useful anymore. to the economy. kenya still lags behind in waste management with recycling eva done by private companies or informally by people who work at dump sites. but still no alternative to the non woven bags perhaps this latest ban will force kenyans to be more aware of the impact they have on the environment. to but it's like a soccer now in frankfurt have made it five league wins in a row they overpowered stood guard to move into fourth place for bottom of the bundesliga table is nearly as tight as the top but first let's have a look at. the frankfurt faithful were hoping to see the home side continue their run and leap frog log back in the standings. and the host duly set the tone from the opening whistle with luke to you a bit shooting just wide after a mere three minutes play you. looked up held out to the break but philip cost of
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his forty fifth minute finish from an acute angle gave frankfurt the advantage. can constitute double of his towering summing home an incredible pass from on to a real bitch just after the hour mark for his fifth goal of the season. with five minutes left in regular time journey to cost a third yo bitch for an emphatic finish of his own three nil frankfurt you know which is sixteen league goals have been tied for second miscarrying charts. the victory sees frankfurt moved to fourth place with their best run in years putting them in champions league contention. and so now as we promised the bottom of that plan to sink a table is nearly as tight as the top a shout to have finally managed to put some space between themselves and the bottom three thanks to a win at hand over. who would hold their nerve and this really geisha bottle
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stevens returned to the shelter bench has seen a predictable focus on defensive stubbornness for they did a low hendrik vitae and a sniff of go early on. i have examined a new bill to the rescue for shaka. was expected this wasn't the finest spectacle but shoka showed just a bit more quality and took the lead on thirty nine minutes she served army to one nil with his first goal for the royal blues he did well to kill benyamin stumm billy's trust and how do we give them the freedom of the penalty box to pick his spots. kind of a press more after the break but we're ultimately toothless. slow news leo's short kissed the bar i. couldn't find a way past nubile. one know the final score relegation looms ever closer for hung over the show could take a step towards safety. and say look now at how all of the weekend's results have affected the bundesliga standings dortmund are back on top after a last gasp
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a win over wolfsburg on saturday there are two points ahead of buyer who only drew these she will need next saturday in a potential title decider at the bottom shelf to inch away from relegation danger after beating desperate hanover no team has ever avoided relegation from the blunder single with fewer than one thousand points at this stage in the season. formula one racing and lewis hamilton has won the bahrain grand prix his first victory of the new season but the reigning world champion was given a real scare by a twenty one year old ferrari driver who came within a few laps of victory it's thirty charlotte clare broke the law record in bahrain to secure his first pole and he looked like topping not with a maiden grown pretty when until a faulty engine saw his chance a sponsor wrote with just a few laps to go. up or be. looking behind him was lewis hamilton the briton to full advantage of misfortune to east
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home and first with teammates making intimacies one to the clear to make do with third very hard one to take but it's thanks to the team for the amazing cohen we can and i'm pretty sure will come back stronger you know i'm sure it was a devastating result for him obviously because he had done the job to win the race so we were definitely lucky today but you have to take it as it comes a first win of the season for a clearly grateful hamilton but a warning shot from his young man a gust rival that will keep the briton on his toes as he seeks a sixth championship. well now we still have quite a while to go until christmas two hundred sixty eight days to be for sayst but that doesn't mean that sanchez reindeer are slacking off check this out this is very near racing championships are a big deal in lapland in northern finland are held every year and they have been
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taking place it's nineteen fifty competitors on skis are pulled around a one kilometer track by the reindeer only the strongest of the fastest are chosen with the winning racer crowd king of the reindeer. and with that now you're up to date on d.w. news eco india is up next that's our environment program i'm sara kelly in berlin thanks for watching just.
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i'm going to. go into a comes make old fashioned. calls made from scratch. pretty colors from bacteria. enemy not a mask or. sustainable ethical and that's beautiful fresh. the fog comes to the money.
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comes time to take stuff from. benefits to. time here and just such a common and fun for the troops. player it's hard to overcome trends and connection. it's time for. a d.w.t. is coming up ahead. minds. for. president obama. head of the london patriotic front to include tiny the rebel army and in the nine hundred ninety four genocide was in the room only knows there wasn't room to ask do you follow me to reinforce that i'm going to submit i knew this but does
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that mean he was not voting in. a controversial leader whose success is beyond question. time. and wanted tragedy starts people fish on t w. cut. the. hollow welcome this is equal we need a sustainability magazine which keeps you up to date with solutions to future proofing a life donut a focus today is on the clothes we wear how wide and deep the impact is on the environment and what you can do to change that i'm some coming to you from mumbai in india over the next thirty minutes let's.


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